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Ricky Womack

Born July 14, 1953 in Carthage, TX. His parents moved to Shreveport when he was an infant, where he and his family still live. Ricky's dad believed that a person should do his best what ever he did and that was instilled in all of his children. He also believed that if he could instill a desire for the outdoors in his sons, that desire would help to keep them out of trouble during their teenage years. Because of this instilled love to hunt and to fish, Ricky appreciates the time and effort that his dad spent with him while in the woods and on the lake.
Ricky has now been married to his wife, Leta, for 30 years, has two children and three grandchildren whom he is very proud of. He loves all types of sports and is very active in serving the Lord. Ricky and his wife currently own Southern Die Mold, where they design and construct plastic injection molds. He is also partners in Advanced Injection Molding in Bossier City, Louisiana, where most of the molds that he builds actually run production.

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