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If you're a fisherman, no matter what you fish for, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, carp or any other fish, there are few pieces of equipment that get as much use in fishing as your trolling motor.

You may own a dozen rods and reels, hundreds of baits, but just one trolling motor. The trolling motor is used in various ways. You may use your trolling motor to hold on a hot spot that's producing big fish or just lots of action with smaller fish. You may use your trolling motor to maneuver around the shore line searching for lunkers feeding in the shallows. You may use your trolling motor to fish around structure that holds fish or to maneuver around docks while casting in hopes that a big fish is holding in the shadows. You may use your trolling motor to troll along structure to locate and catch fish. Any way you look at it, your trolling motor is probably the one piece of equipment you use the most.

One of the most aggravating things that can happen when using your trolling motor is to have the prop fouled by weeds, grass or hydrilla. Continuously having to clear weeds from the trolling motor takes time away form your main purpose; fishing. The more time you spend removing weeds from the trolling motor, the less time you actually spend fishing (and therefore, catching fish). For this reason, many fishermen avoid areas where the trolling motor can become entangled and fouled. Unfortunately, these are the areas that may hold the most fish, the biggest fish and the hungriest fish.

Trolling Motor Weed Guide Inventor
Trolling Motor Weed Guide

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a device that would prevent weeds and grass from fouling your trolling motor? Well the good news is that there is such a device. The MossHawg is a blade system that you attach to your trolling motor. As you troll, the blades cut weeds and prevent them from fouling the motor and prop. We discovered (by accident) while making a video of the MossHawg, that it would actually cut through a trot line.